Fundraising Ideas

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Since we aren't planning to have membership dues for Wikimedia Pennsylvania, we will need to come up with other methods of raising funds. A few ideas:

  • T-shirts, caps, etc. (we'll need to work out something with the foundation when it comes to using the logo)
  • Bake sales, rummage sales, etc.
  • Grants and donations from local groups and institutions
  • Barnstar competitions (croquet, horseshoes, frisbee golf, darts, and so on, with a real-life barnstar going to the winner)
  • As a nonprofit, consider signing up for something like Google Grants, or other corporate donations.

Fund ideas

  • Presentation about the Wikimedia Foundation and its works - people pay to come and see the talk given by members (use Microsoft PowerPoint?)
  • Regarding the presentation, get an active editor of Wikimedia project to promote it. If needs be, find public terminals and encourage people to edit the sandbox of a Wikimedia wiki (e.g. Wikibooks, Wikiquote)
  • Speak to relevant press organisations about this.